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30-Day Fruitys Starter Bundle

Image of 30-Day Fruity Shakes Starter Bundle Package
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

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If you love our fruit flavored shakes and you’re looking for a protein packed meal plan, then this is the bundle for you. The convenient 30-Day Fruity Shakes Starter Bundle includes a selection of Peaches ‘n Cream, Bananas ‘n Cream and Strawberries ‘n Cream protein shakes, our fruity CLEAR protein drinks, vanilla whey powder that you can blend with your favorite fruits. This bundle has everything you need to ensure you have the protein to reach your goals. The 30-Day Fruity Shakes Starter Bundle includes:

  • One 12-Pack of Peaches ‘n Cream 11 oz. Protein Shakes
  • One 12-Pack of Bananas ‘n Cream 11 oz. Protein Shakes
  • One 12-Pack of Strawberries ‘n Cream 11 oz Protein Shakes
  • Two canisters of Vanilla Whey Powder
  • One 12-Pack of Tropical Punch Clear Protein Drinks
  • One 12-Pack of Peach Clear Protein Drinks